[EP] @Stew_hastweets – “A Queens Tale”

[EP] $tew Art – “A Queens Tale”

Queens, New York emcee Stew Art debated for months to either drop a mixtape full of freestyles or to concentrate on releasing a project with meaning. Well Stew decided to focus on releasing a project that spoke his story and “A Queens Tale” is just that. Dedicated to his mom & his best friends, who stood by Stew thru turbulent times, this Wasted Talent Planet production features production from Ken-I-Produce, L’camino and Stew himself. Jazz Soto and Castro also join in on the EP for guest features. Nine tracks in total with standout cuts “Restroom Break, “My Revolution” & “Stay Kids”, “A Queens Tale” is available to stream below.

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[Video] @ZtheAlien – ‘Count’ ft. Xzayvier

[Video] Z the Alien - 'Count' ft. Xzayvier

Formally known as LZ, Z TheAlien emerged from the streets of Montgomery Alabama; home of the civil rights movement. Born Lazarius Boswell, Z TheAlien begin to notice his passion for music at an early age. While his friends were playing football and shooting hoops, Z found himself writing and producing, spending most of his time in local studio’s. Inspired by industry legends such as 2pac, UGK, Biggie, 8ball&MJG, Z’s production is laced with 100% straight southern kick, crowning himself as the south’s hottest unsigned hitmaker.

If you took the swag of Lil Wayne , the versatility of Ludacris and the lyrical prowess of Nas and rolled all of that into one artist, you would have Xzayvier. Born Nicholas Xavier Kennedy on March 15, 1993 in Montgomery, Alabama, This hip hop phenom has established himself as one of the hottest new artist in the game. While attending Auburn University in Montgomery, he dropped his instant-classic debut mix-tape “Hard Work”, and with the smash hit single “Tonite” leading the way started his Ascent to the top of the hip hop world!

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[Mixtape] @DjKhasperBhinks – Producers Exposed

DJ Khasper Bhinks - Producers Exposed

DJ Khasper Bhinks is a full time DJ out of Indianapolis, Indiana, who produces, mixes and promotes music. He has been an active DJ since 1998 and has worked with hundreds of Independent Artists worldwide. You can find out anything about him by simply googling his name. You can also find a portion of DJ Khasper Bhinks’ portfolio at www.coast2coastmixtapes.com, as he is an official “Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes DJ”. Artists, Managers, and Promoters are welcome to contact DJ Khasper Bhinks at any time, from anywhere in the world being that his team and him operate a 24-hour live service.

The “Producers Exposed” mixtape is a worldwide collaboration between 15 artists worldwide along with mixing by DJ Khasper Bhinks himself. This project features music from Maestro Da Beatmaker, Swagg B, Just Hits, Dopeboibeatz, Drxp Atxmz, Gottim, Tru G Productions, Bangers By One, Sean Planes, Corporatethief Beats, Nathan Synth, Phat B, International BeatVets, Music Picasso, and JJ Mangino. Every artist featured is well aware of their involvement and is offering to sell the rights to their productions.

Track Listing

01. DJ Khasper Bhinks – Introduction
02. Maestro Da Beatmaker – Rolex
03. Swagg B – We Made It
04. Just Hits – A New Day
05. Dopeboibeatz – That Rock
06. DRXP ATXMZ – Squeeze
07. Gottim – The Greatest
08. Tru G Productions – Thuggin’
09. Bangers By One – Imprisonment
10. Sean Planes – D Boy
11. Corporatethief Beats – Money Never Sleeps
12. Nathan Synth – Eternity
13. Phat B – Showdown
14. International Beatvets – Anthem
15. Music Picasso – Paint A Picture
16. JJ Mangino – Ghost
17. International Beatvets – Stop Trippin
18. DJ Khasper Bhinks – Outro

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[Video] @Reemcassanova “Living Wrong”

[Video] Reem Cassanova "Living Wrong"

Kareem Walker, aka “Reem Cassanova” was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. Influenced by his older brother, he fell in love with music at the age of 15. Between watching cyphers in the park and listening to the mixtapes his brother got for him, he was inspired to begin writing verses in hopes of one day becoming an MC on the big stage. Reem was fortunate enough to of met people along the way that helped him get to where he is today. Even though he had a falling out with his first partner and his recording studio was dismantled, he decided that “to abandon his passion, would be to abandon himself” and he continued on his journey.

Now, years later, Reem has been able to hone and perfect his lyrical abilities. Releasing his newest music video off the album “Day of the Beard” comes “Living Wrong”, a descriptive visual of the struggles and victories Reem experienced throughout his life. This video illustrates Reem’s ability to persevere in the face of adversity and his desire to be the best.

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Video: YT Triz – ‘How Can I Loose’ ft Bobby Shmurda

Video: YT Triz - 'How Can I Loose' ft Bobby Shmurda

YT Triz, hailing from Orland, FL, is a young determined artist who plans to do something right with his life. He is a writer and Lyricist who tells real life stories about his true life experiences. He plans to leave a legacy in the music industry, by his own admission. YT Triz got his big break when he met Big Chuck at Poe Boy’s Studio in early 2013. YT impressed Big Chuck enough to garner a call from E-Class, Poe Boy Music Group CEO, to meet and work in the studio. YT Triz is currently focusing on taking everything one step at a time, and just keeping his mind on recording, performing, and learning the music industry.

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