Undaground Soundz On East Coast Digital Radio

Undaground Soundz is a UK based producer and has been producing Hip Hop/R&B beats since 2005 and has rapidly improoved from a eJay DJ to an experianced user of Reason, Logic and Cubase. He has an ability to produce any type of Hip Hop / R&B that any artist needs to a competitive standard.

Quick Links:
Homepage: http://www.undagroundsoundz.com
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/undagroundsoundzproductions
Soundclick: http://www.soundclick.com/undagroundsoundzuk

Contact Details
Email: pemb@undagroundsoundz.com
MSN: undaground-soundz@hotmail.com

AOL Instant Messanger: UGS UK
Yahoo: undagroundsoundzuk

DJ Esso On East Coast Digital Radio

DJ ESSO, born in raised in Northern New Jersey, is nick named Da Headbanga for the reason of his non stop energy on the turntables during prime time at any one of his shows. His musical range is so diverse that one minute he will be playing a hip hop record, the next minute he will be playing a house record, the next a old school track or even a reggeaton record. Any thing that will keep those heads bangin. I guess thats why they call him DA HEADBANGA.

In the year of 2001, DJ ESSO started Djing at nightclubs all over New York and New Jersey and he hasnt stopped since.

He has rocked crowds in clubs such as Lounge 2028 (NJ), Tribecca (NJ), Drama (NJ), Circa (NJ), Taste (NJ), Euphoria Lounge (NJ), Millennium (NJ), Wild Bull (NJ), Casinova Lounge (NJ), Ole (NJ), Tropical Night Club (NJ), Sport Sexy Cafe (NJ), Traxx Lounge (NJ), Red Parrot Caf (NJ), Babalu (NY), Babalu Lounge (NY), Scopa (NY), Jade Terrace (NY), Flamingo (NY), Mint (NY), Sessa (NY), Dimi’s (NJ), Show World (NY), Stitch (NY), Prey (NY), Taj (NY), Alibi (NYC), Lea Lounge (NYC), Club Bavilon (NJ), Luna Rosa (NJ), Stealth (NJ), Sui Lounge (NYC), Lallipop Lounge (NJ), Blend (NJ), Nokternal Lounge (NJ), Stay (NYC), Vibe Lounge (NJ), Pacha (NYC), Mr B’s Gent Club (NJ), and the list goes on

He has worked next to DJ heavy weights including DJ CAMILO, DJ MISTER CEE, CIPHA SOUNDS, DJ ACE, and many more! He also has a huge street buzz with his mixtapes that are released every couple months. His mixtapes can be heard anywhere from a car, to a mall store, to a local barber shop. Record labels also recognize the buzz ESSO has formed with his mixtapes that they literally send records to his front door hoping to get on his tapes!

DJ ESSO most recent projects include him working out of his home studio and assisting local artist in recording, mastering, and mixing their tracks and/or demos as well as making beats! There is not telling what the future holds for this young and bright DJ out of JERZEY!

DJ ESSO Da Headbanga
AIM : DeeJayEsso

DJ Fricktion On East Coast Digital Radio

His career began in his own eyes the moment Jazzy Jeff was thrown out of the Bel Air Mansion for scratching up Uncle Phils classic 1950s records.

Then only 11, DJ Fricktion, began a campaign to convince his parents to combine his Birthday and Christmas presents that year, and buy him some second hand turntables and a mixer. Now, with over 11 years experience, DJ Fricktions turntable skills are setting the standard for a new generation of Hip-Hop and RnB DJs.

Fricktion regularly calls upon every trick in the book to hype up the crowd, from mixing on three turntables, to beat juggling and scratching, and has yet to come across a crowd he cannot satisfy.

Pushing himself even further, he dressed up as Kanye Wests Bear Mascot at Def Jams launch party for The Late Registration, where he spun, in costume, alongside 1Xtras DJ Semtex in October 2005.

As a producer, DJ Fricktion goes by the moniker The Dope Enemy, a title representing the work that comes from his own sober mind. His recent hit remix of Cassies Me & U made the Top 5 selection on the Bobby and Nihal Show on Radio 1 and The Friction Show on BBC Asian Network, as well as receiving spins from Steve Sutherland and Tim Westwood. This success followed up his winning of the BBC Asian Networks remix competition, where his song Fascinating Rhythm was pressed and distributed through Bhangra Nights (producers of the infamous Peugeot 206 commercial). Other single releases include the single remix for Sumeets Wine Me (2004) and the single remix of Swamis Desi Rock.

As a live artist, Fricktion is one of the guest DJs of choice for the Rishi Rich show on Kiss 100 (UK), broadcast globally at 21.00 GMT every Sunday. Having already played alongside massive artists such as The Game, Ne-Yo, 112 and Ryan Leslie, Fricktion now begins his global tour plans with residencies in India and plans for Europe, The Middle East and the USA in 2007.

With his DJing talent firmly established, his production potential following suit, Fricktions massive fan-base now find it even easier to stay close to their favourite DJ. His MySpace boasts comments from those who have seen him play at many events over his career and his latest promotional mix CD, hosted by Akala and Apache Indian and mixed on three turntables, continues to move in volumes on his website.

To find out more about DJ Fricktion, please visit:




For all related enquiries please contact:

Raj Kotecha Lovesoul Marketing and PR

DJ Wits On East Coast Digital Radio

DJ Wits’ tireless commitment, creativity, and hard work is what sets him apart from the many other up-and-coming DJs in the game. More recently, DJ Wits has performed in various venues throughout the United States and England alongside professional entertainers and Disc jockeys such as Lil Mo, Drag-On, Adina Howard, Beenie Man, T.O.K., Clinton Sparks, Lazy-K, Ron-G, DJ Capone, Tim Westwood (U.K.), and many more. DJ Wits has also been making his mark in the industry and throughout the streets by being featured on the nationally broadcasted network of Music Choice, where his weekly mixshow can be heard by up to 35 million listeners as well as releasing numerous creative and unique mixtapes that can be found on many respected urban web sites or in local stores around the United States. Influenced by such famous artists as Biggie Smalls, Tu Pac, Wu-Tang Clan, Big Pun, Nas, and Djs such as Funk Master Flex, Green Lantern, Kay Slay and others, DJ Wits is committed to his belief in the true soul of the disc jockey as being one who maintains a positive impact on his community of listeners as well as one who continuously strives to keep the party flowing.

DJ Wits
Bum Squad DJz World Wide 2007 – 2008
Justo’s mixtape all-stars/Hustle Squad DJs/Team Afficial
Music Choice’s Uncensored Rap Channel (Time Warner and Comcast cable Nationwide)
**Focus on the DJ**
Sprint/Nextel/U.S. Cellular Radio
90.9fm WCDB/ 89.7fm WRUC
Albany, NY

DJ True Cut On East Coast Digital Radio

DJ TRUE CUT is the FOUNDER of the world famous skratching.com turntablism video magazin ! Live Dj for Afu-Ra (New York) Siamak (Berlin) Mike K Downing (Frankfurt)

1998 – Studio Recordings / Scratches for NonPlusUltra
1999 – Live Shows in Germany, Austria, Switzerland
2000 – Mixtapes Serie with Dj Force 4 (Vinylizer Tapes)
2001 – Skratching.com / official VHS Skratch – Video Release “chapter one.”
2002 – Equivalent Album, 60 m Freistiel (SPV/BMG) Track – “Discoschlampe”
2002 – Mixtape (Skratching.com) – “TANKED UP”
2003 – Skratching.com / official DVD Skratch / Video Release “chapter 2”
2004 – Skratching.com – “KRAUT BREAKZ” 12″ VINYL ALBUM (BATTLE BREAK)
2005 – Founding of the Recording Studio “TRUECUTS” in Berlin Germany
2006 – Recording, Scratches for SIAMAK (Liquor Lifestyle) Mixtape Album
2006 – Europe Tour Dj for Afu-Ra (Germany, Denmark, Slowakai, Hungary, Check Republik, Austria, Poland, Netherlands,)



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