Badnewz a.k.a The Last MC “Its Whatever (Gwop Gang)

Badnewz a.k.a The Last MC

Badnewz a.k.a The Last MC grew up with what seems to be the typical black urban youth story.A soldier since a young age, Badnewz grew up in an unsettled household in which nobody would be envious. As an adolescent Badnewz was forced to make decisions men probably couldn’t. For most people their home is their haven, but for Badnewz the streets fulfilled that necessity. He’s endured the hoods of North Carolina,Virginia, D.C., and of course Boston and til this day he still feels more comfortable amongst the sirens,cracked pavement, night dwellers, and cognac stenches. He has done a lot of things he regrets,
but through his music, family and friends he’s become a most admirable man. There isn’t a more loyal, humble,and inspirational artist out there then this young man known as Badnewz.

From a music perspective Badnewz grew up listening to Kool G Rap, Nas, 2pac, and others.While listening to these artists as a youth he was amazed as they were able to put words together with such conviction and precision. Frustrated he couldn’t do the same, he asked his mother,a poet in her own right, to help him out and she did so writing him a rap. Although he appreciated
the effort, he describes the rhyme as “wack” but the format in which she wrote it gave him the blueprint to what he is now building. He has opened for Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks, Memphis Bleek, Tiera Marie, Cherish, Slaine and others while garnering the attention of Hip-hop followers, personnel, and artists and has been appointed The Last MC. Readers, reviewers, listeners, I introduce to you Badnewz.

“Its Whateva Video”



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