Starr media group (S.M.G)-WE BUILD STARS BABY!!!!

Starr media group (S.M.G) is much more than a record label. We are a creation 20 years in the making. Created by Ron “Ronnie Knottz” Clark and Andre” Dre Deniro” Davis. S.M.G. is the place where a talented artist, be it an M.C., singer, producer or model, can be given the special attention which actually makes them a star. By utilizing our already established industry relationships and capitalizing on our “sleep when you die” work ethic, we at S.M.G. are proud of the fact “we build stars baby”. In addition to being established in the United States, S.M.G has also launched its international office in Perth Australia, headed by Brad “Smallz” ( With his “don’t underestimate me” attitude, Brad is more than prepared to bring that fire to the European market place. S.M.G. is poised to release its first product hosted by Street Sweepers own Dj. Radio “Mr. Sold out”. The debut release from S.M.G. will be a collaboration of all artists on the label. This freshman release will have hits by Joe Clark an M.C. from Maryland by way of Camarillo Ca. Joe is lyrically dangerous with his west coast swagger and East Coast fire. Rita Tyler, an R/B singer /Song writer with an angelic voice is a young woman with an old soul who has fresh new ideas which will bring R/B back to what the originators had intended. C-Gutta and OxPro, S.M.G.’s New Jersey Dynamic Duo will be causing the industry some problems. Together or solo these young men approach each project with an intensity that has not been displayed in a very long time. Always thinking of new ideas and always mastering their craft, they are always looking to provide a new approach to their musical game. S.M.G.’s production team is the 2006 (Rocwilders) Roc battle winners ‘The Presidentz” (Matt Heist, Raycean”Been Heard”, Gutta Rock and Trillagy formerly of Triple Prez). These producers will be a force to be reckoned with in 2007. The engineering arm of S.M.G. belongs to Evan Scott Smith who has worked with the who’s who of the industry(Mary J. Blige,Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson,50 cent and many more)S.M.G. will prove to be what the game has been missing , so we suggest you stay tuned for what we have in store for the world .

Starr Media Group LLC.

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