Want Dj Warrior To Host Mixtape?

DJ WARRIOR is considered the most influential Dj on the West Coast within the hip-hop industry & beyond. Beginning his career as a DJ at house parties and clubs, now after 10 years in the game, Warrior has moved on to being the official Mixtape DJ for various popular artists including, most recently, the legendary rap group The Game,Talib Kweili, Dog Pound with Daz and Kurupt ,Lil’ Eazy E, Dj Muggs (cypress hill), Angeles records, & Blackground/universal released more than 100 mixtape CDs, and has become a household name among celebrities as one of the top picks for DJs. Currently, DJ Warrior is currently working on his first ever complete album under Legendary DJ/PRODUCER Dj Muggs of (Cypress Hill /Soul Assasins) to his Angeles/Fontana/Universal entitled, Cali Untouchable Radio, which is due to release Summer of 2008 and Cali untouchable Radio show is currently on Sirius Radio on hip hop nation on chanel 40 with a listening audience over 1.7 million strong every week, A history into making.

His popularity as a DJ stems from his natural entrepreneurial tendency and his love for hip hop music, which has accorded him several accolades. He is a four times winner of 8th,9th,10th, also the pinkhouse awards at Justo’s Mixtape Awards for the best West Coast Mixtape DJ of the year, named as top ten mixtape DJ of the year by Rolling Stone 2005, labeled one of the top 10 most influential DJs in 2004 and 2005 by MTV and nominated for mixtape DJ of the year in 2005 by Source Magazine and best mixtape DJ of year in 2004 and 2005 at Mixshow Power Summit in Puerto Rico and in the Bahamas. Also nominee of Global mixx retreat as Mixtape dj of year in 2006, Not to mention, Warrior continues to make his staple within the hip hop industry by countless features in such magazines as Vibe, XXL, Source, Fader, URB, YRB,Rime,Import Tuner, Ozone, New York Times, LA Times, Zero, Modern Fix, Ruckus, Allhiphop.com etc. and appearances on the Jay Leno show, Jumpboxtv.net, Various music video cameos, LA Xlarge TV and Mundo TV. To Mtv’s sucka free & Direct Tv

Aside from the list of awards that DJ Warrior has received, he has had the opportunity to work with several talented artists. Warrior has toured the United States and overseas including Asia, Europe and Australia, with acclaimed hip-hop and R&B acts such as Project Pat of the Three Six Mafia, Scipio, Ginuwine, Tyrese Gibson, Lil’ Zane,Lil’ Eazy E, Bun B Crooked I, Kurupt, Self Scientific and the list goes on. Likewise, his mixtapes have included tracks from many top artists, and have introduced plenty underground & unsigned talent to the mainstream market.

Warrior, continues to capitalize on the hip-hop market and have demonstrated that their DJ services are a necessity in the industry for concerts, Hollywood A-List functions and music videos.

DJ Warrior has even ventured into other entertainment fields including an A&R position for the basketball documentary, Slam from the Streets Volume 3 & 4, a feature in the major motion picture film Hollywood Homicide, and also a handful of straight to DVD movies & DVD magazines . Not to mention, he is constantly producing tracks and creating beats for all of his mixtapes. & various artists. Dj Warrior plans to continue to build his empire and brands while explanding his reach thru a slate of few upcoming projects including Film , Radio expansions, marketing, production, label and several world tour.


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Headcrack "Last Stop"-(Clean)

HEADCRACK grew up in the Bronx, NY. He began to explore his musical abilities at the ripe young age of 12, and now he is embarking on his first solo album, on his own label STRAIGHT PAPER ENT. Having previously released singles, and working with artists such as DJ Honda, Miss Jones, Triple Seis, Remy Martin, and a host of other up and coming artists.

HEADCRACK is more determined now than ever before to give his fans a close up of him and his world through his music. This young man paints a vivid picture of what other artists may mask with money, clothes, and fame. His music allows you to see what it really takes to make it through a struggle unscarred. Opening up Hip Hop to an entire new genre, allowing anyone who knows how it feels to fight their way through life, to be able to relate to what he’s all about–a talent not possessed by most artists.

HEADCRACK has been in the studio working on his new album “Handle My Business” set to be released on 26 Feb 2008. Album consist of production from TRACSQUAD (ATL), Hitman and various other producers and artist to bring the streets what they been waiting for…that real…I hope you’re ready!!!

HEADCRACK has taken opportunity, experience, and his God given talent to show the world that Life is what you make it and dreams are merely glimpses into your destiny. He truly has his work cut out for him for such a competitive business but as he tells it, “When my back is against the wall I work best…I’ve been waiting for a chance to invade this industry all my life”.
Some people say, “The hardest struggle to fight and be victorious is the struggle from within you. Once you conquer yourself, conquering the world is just a stepping-stone. HEADCRACK will be that voice of pain and struggle for his people. Not to sell albums but to let the world know what’s really going on.