Audio: Kaiser Soze – “In Your Face” feat. Problem @KSozemusic

Audio: Kaiser Soze - "In Your Face" feat. Problem

Taylor (Kaiser Soze) Helgeson is an American rapper and R&B singer.

Kaiser was adopted and grew up in a diverse family made up of two sisters from Peru and a brother from Korea. Kaiser grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota and was deeply influenced by music at an early age.

His first experience in music was when he was signed up in the Minnesota Operas Children’s choir, participating in over a dozen operas at a young age he was classically trained. His parents pushed him to take on a regimen of weekly piano, voice, and guitar lesson, Kaiser met this with great resistance but would later state this as one of the greatest experiences of his life. Kaiser Soze’s influences in the game of entertainment are; Michael Jackson, Tupac, Big L, Beastie Boys, John Legend, and Fabolous to name a few.

Kaiser Soze’s big break came when a close friend of his, Ryan Purcell of “Purcell Management Group” decided to take him on as an investment and they collectively started building a catalog of songs, eventually creating the song “In Your Face” and shortly after they got California based rapper “Problem” as a feature on the first single, and in the video.

Kaiser Soze feels that he has what it takes to stand alongside the ranks of other incredible Artist that are doing it right now, and feels he has what is called staying power, he has something to contribute to the game of Hip Hop.

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Audio: Lil Yah “Everywere We Go” ft Young Block (@Lilyah_2fly)

Audio: Lil Yah "Everywere We Go" ft Young Block

Audio: Lil Yah “Everywere We Go” ft Young Block

Artist Profile:

Darryl Haile, professionally referred to as LiL Yah, was born January 30th , 1993 in Broward County Florida. He has been kicking rhymes since the age of eight years old. He found his love for music after sitting in on a session his pops had going some time ago. When he is not in the studio, on stage, or in the streets pushing his tape, find him involved in  playing sports, chilling with women, and posting up with his team (2fly). This Florida native  is inspired by a powerhouse of rap greats like: Snoop Dogg, Biggie, Tu-pac, T.I, Young Jeezy, Outkast, and UGK. This artist is backed by valuable stage experience on 106 & Park’s Wild Out Wednesday, two separate times. Many have witnessed Lil Yah run the stage with artists such as Rick Ross, Trick Daddy, and other talents from South Florida. As far as completed projects, Lil Yah has released two mix tapes via  (Street Supplement 1 & 2).  He is currently in the streets of South Florida pushing his latest project, FaceOff In reference to his latest project, find the locals  riding around banging, “Everywhere We Go” ft. Young Block. Lil Yah is a lyrical sharpshooter for Knight Ryder Millineum Ent. Inc., which is operated by way of Big Yah ( Knight Ryder has been going strong for years, and Lil Yah for-sees his team taking over the music game.  If you want consistent lyrical versatility, then you will find it in this innovative South Florida rapper. Keep your eyes open for Cool Clique, for Lil Yah aims to make that his own label in the near future.

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