King Reign “Killer” (@kingreignthe1st)

King Reign “Killer”

“Sincere” is a story seen through the eyes of many who live in urban communities. “Killer” represents the angst of growing up a target based on misconceptions and racial stereotypes. King Reign speaks from the aspect of being a victim of circumstances. He sheds light on living in a world where beauty is skin deep. Where often judgments are made in haste based on our outer appearances. “Killer” describes the struggle many face as they tread a thin line between love and hate. Referencing Trayvon Martin, the judicial system, and the political system King Reign inserts a high level of consciousness while refraining from being overly preachy.

With Production from Gameboy and scratches from Toronto’s DJ Grouch “Killer” is combination of boom bap Hip Hop interspersed with fluid conversation. King Reign invites the listener into his world providing introspection and vulnerability.

Already cited as “One to watch in 2014” by Toronto weekly publication The Grid” and “Exclaim” (January 2014), “Sincere” marks the first release in partnership with CLK Creative Works and marks King Reigns own aspirations. Choosing to release his music on his own terms independently “Sincere” is prepped for release this summer and features production from Rich Kidd, Agile, Pro Logic, Gameboy and more.

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