[New Music] @MrChandler4 – Journey

[New Music] @MrChandler4  - Journey

Taking a journey through the ups and downs of relationships. And hanging in through it all. Written by Martinus Settles and Eugene Chandler Produced By Don Brown

Eugene Franklin Chandler Jr. is the lead singer in the blues band – big gene & Danny lees loud pack. Since age 8 Eugene has been delighting the ears of music lovers from the church choir>>his high school singing group – royal truth>>big yella productions>>to the present with Danny and the loud pack! Making skillful use of his smooth r&b lyrics and well-tuned melodies; he takes his audience on a journey deep thru the highs and lows of romance, family life, friendship and his rise from humble beginnings. Eugene is keeping busing making a name for himself throughout Knoxville and surrounding cites in east TN; and he is becoming an even bigger buzz in other states.

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