[Video] Francheyez – “Different” (@franch33zeworld)


In preparation of his debut EP release, “Face of the Francheyez”, Hip Hop artist Franceyez links together with producer Omito for a little something “Different”. The song begins with a short intro that finds the Bronx artist at a crossroads, debating the topic of being considered far from the norm. As the track progresses, we soon find out that being “Different” is something to embrace. The New York lyricist also recently released the first installment of a three part mixtape series, that project is titled “Federal Reserve Notes”, which is available now via Datpiff. Grab a copy of that after viewing Francheyez latest self-directed presentation.

Check the video out below:

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Fadl – Out of the Box (Mixtape) (@fadlsmusic)

Fadl – Out of the Box (Mixtape)

Fadl - Out of the Box (Mixtape)

In the past few years, Dubai has become one of the most talked about destinations for rap superstars who flaunt their wealth and extravagance. With being said, there has yet be an to be an artist from the city or from the United Arab Emirates to take their talents to the United States. That is until now. Native son Fadl has been carving out his own niche internationally, working in various major cities overseas, and he recently made the trek to New York, Los Angeles and Miami to work on his brand new project “Out The Box.” The 12-track set features contributions from Atlanta upstart OG Maco, Tiny and Billard.

Track Listing
01. The Chase
02. The Man (feat. Billard)
03. Elevated
04. Hate
05. I’m High Today
06. Tell Em
07. EIWISB (feat. OG Maco)
08. U Ballin
09. New Age
10. Do It Right (feat. Tiny)
11. How We Do
12. CBO

Download And Stream The Mixtape Below
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Eyecandy x Bernice Burgos (@berniceburgos)

Eyecandy x Bernice Burgos

Eyecandy x Bernice BurgosEast Coast MP3 Model Of Day Bernice Burgos !

Bernice Burgos who is a model as well as is 100% Puerto Rican. She is the native of Bronx, New York and she had also made her appearance in a movie, several of the urban magazines, Hip Hop Music Videos as well as websites. In addition to that, she had also appeared in different print publications which also includes Show Magazine, KING Magazine, XXL Eye Candy, The Source, SHOW Black Lingerie and the video shoots with the Black Men Magazine and the Hot New Hip Hop.

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YaBoiM.O.E – Living In The M.O.Ement (Mixtape) @yaboimoe73

YaBoiM.O.E – Living In The M.O.Ement (Mixtape)

YaBoiM.O.E - Living In The M.O.Ement (Mixtape)Mohammed Shuaibe, (born November 17, 1988) is YaBoiM.O.E, an artist, producer, and song writer from Oakland, California. Set on the task to fulfill his dreams of making music; YaBoiM.O.E managed to start writing and producing his own music at the age of fifteen. His brand “SpoiledLyfe” – is defined as a lifestyle of going out and getting whatever you desire, whether that means spoiling yourself or getting spoiled.

Track Listing
1. We Them Niggas (feat. K-Soakin)
2. #Hashtag
3. 11:30
4. 9 To 5
5. M.O.E (Money Over Everything)
6. I’ll Never
7. OOOOKKKK (feat. K-Soakin)
8. Ready To Ride
9. Spoiled Night
10. Bay Bridge Lyfe (feat. Queen Mahasen)
11. Shhh!
12. Smoke With You
13. I Need You
14. Do It Big (feat. Queen Mahasen)
15. Do It
16. Hate On Me

Check Out Mixtape Below
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