[New Music] Bob Whyte “Spike Lee” (@bobwhytebrand)

New Music: Bob Whyte "Spike Lee" (@bobwhytebrand)

New Music: Bob Whyte “Spike Lee”

The name is Bob Whyte and I’m from little old Boynton Beach, FL. I have been writing music for as long as I can remember but, I wish I pursued my music career sooner. Some might say I have a trap sound, but it’s hard putting me into a box. I have days where I want to make music for the block and other days where I want to sing like Adele.My debut project “Whyte Power” is available everywhere now!!

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Website URL: https://www.bobwhytebrand.com
Twitter URL: https://twitter.com/bobwhytebrand
Facebook Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/bobwhytebrand


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