Video: ​Ella Knox ‘Swing Swing’ ft. Calitroit – (@EllaKnoxMusic)

Video: ​Ella Knox ‘Swing Swing’ ft. Calitroit

​Ella Knox (@EllaKnoxMusic) ft. Calitroit Ella Knox is about to break the internet. The upcoming pop sensation just dropped the visual for her pop/hip-hop crossover hit “Swing Swing” featuring Calitroit. The video features everything from snakes, spiders, to Ella swinging all around the set in some type of sex swing wearing lingerie.

Ella, born Melanie Louise Stringer, grew up on the impoverished streets of Manchester, New Hampshire. Born to a single mother, who barely escaped her kidnapping while carrying the child. By her high school graduation, Ella was approached by a spiteful source who revealed that the father she’d known growing up was not her biological parent. Feeling even more betrayed, after remaining loyal to a mother who had emptied her childhood bank savings and piled her and brother in debt, Ella saved some money, bought a beat-up Honda and took off to find her biological father.

Zip-tying her bumper onto her Honda for the 3,000 mile ride, Ella made it to the West Coast and found herself submerged in the trudges of the Hollywood Music scene. There, Ella was discovered by manager and visionary Lika Tatsushima, who saw the potential and heart of a young girl’s tragedy.

In 2016, Audio Technica will be featuring Ella and her music in their world-wide advertising campaign promoting their new production line. This commercial campaign will serve as a platform for her discovery, Ella’s story and her music will soon spread throughout the world

Check out the visual for Swing Swing below:
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Jae Ari “Something New” feat. Kyara – @ItsANewJae

Jae Ari

New Music from Jae Ari — “Something New” off his forthcoming album: Leave Even Better

“Toronto is a crazy-ass city, I mean, it’s always changing. Always been distinct with its people, culture/music and art. I thought when creating this, how to incorporate these things in sound. You know, the feeling of change, moving on, and even growing as an artist best reflected the direction I was trying to take .. it was a bonus my homie @KyaraT was also able to regulate & embody that. I’m focused on progression right now & with this project & ‘Something New’, I feel like it’s a dope start”

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Artist Name: Jae Ari
Track Name: Something New feat. Kyara
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Twitter URL: @ItsANewJae
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