DJ K Yung, Ms Chinadoll, “The Soy Sauce Bosses” of Flood93Radio | @DjKYung @Chinadoll_Ms

Meet the newest and craziest female duo in internet radio! DJ K Yung Ms Chinadoll, or as Kim “Slyce” Lam named them, “The Soy Sauce Bosses“.

DJ K Yung Ms Chinadoll are the face of “Kim originally called us “The Sauce Bosses”. Ms Chinadoll added the “soy” part in their due to DJ K Yung’s South Korean ethnicity and her being a quarter Chinese (She’s part African American and 1/4 Chinese). DJ K Yung thought it was hilarious so it stuck.

Their show “DJ K Yung’s Hot 16 Playlist with Ms Chinadoll” airs every Tuesday night from 7-9pm cst on the FREE Flood 93 Radio app (iPhone or Android) or on You can also tune in watch DJ K Yung Ms Chinadoll as they stream their show via Facebook Live (see below for links).


While DJ K Yung is no stranger to the music industry (Dj K Yung is a Jr. A&R under Andre “The U.R.L.” Williams, Da Union DJ, Violator All Star DJ, Official Belaire Black Bottle Girl (DJ) and is a current guest mixer on Shade 45 VIP Saturday’s Da Union Mix and Dash Radio’s XXL Magazine Channel Violator Radio UnKut).

Ms Chinadoll is new to the radio and music industry. Only knowing each other for a little over 2 years, they have built what most people call a natural and hilarious back and fourth. “I’ve been asked numerous times if we have a script or practice what we are going to say. I have to tell them, other than picking topics to speak on during our show everything is off the top of our head. If you ever see us out in public, this is how we talk, hang out, it’s just how we are as friends.” states Ms Chinadoll.

The show originally started with Dj K-Yung as a solo personality (she is also the founder of the station and co-owns with 4 others) with just a playlist and she would talk about random topics in between songs. She asked Ms Chinadoll to be her official co-host and things sprinted off from there. “She (Ms Chinadoll) is funny, blunt, most people freeze up with a microphone in their face, she just sounded like she had been doing this from day one.” says DJ K Yung. Their unique format which includes having a new guest co-host every Tuesday brings variety and new opinions to the show. The guest co-host could range from an artist, DJ, producer, to business owner, friend, or just someone who wants to get 2 hours of fame.

“We think of the show as a little Breakfast Club meets a little Sway in the Morning meets a very less explicit Howard Stern. We interview our guest(s) the first 10-20 mins into our show but then they become the guest co- host chiming in on topics, opinions, and whatever other craziness is planned for the show.” states DJ K Yung. “We also at the top of the hour 8pm cst have another guest come in and drop a freestyle.” The show promotes not only new industry music and releases but also supports and plays independent artists and local talent something DJ K Yung prides the show and station for.


The show’s listeners and views on Facebook have increased dramatically each Tuesday as the show gains more attention. So much in fact that some of the upcoming guest co-hosts are traveling as far away as New York to be at the Davenport Iowa station and that’s not including upcoming interviews with industry artists and taste makers.

“We’ve only had this show since August of this year.” laughs Ms Chinadoll, “It’s incredible how much attention this has received just from word of mouth and social media, I’m excited to see where it may lead.” and just as expected DJ K Yung chimes in laughing “Well I hope it leads to billions of dollars and pool boys in mansions and …..” and just as quickly as you have read you can see why you need to tune in every Tuesday!!!

“DJ K Yung’s Hot 16 Playlist with Ms Chinadoll” 7-9pm cstFlood 93 Radio Download the FREE app on iPhone or Android (keyword: flood 93) Follow and stream the official Spotify music playlist of the show “Hot 16 Playlist” (Updates weekly)

DJ Modesty “King From Queens”-(Album Snippets)

Modesty has lived for the Hip Hop Culture since 1992. He started writing, tagging with graffiti, rhyming & B-Boying. In 2000, he embraced the culture even more by becoming a full time DJ. He later created “THE REAL HIP HOP SHOW”, which offers all artist’s (Major & Underground) a musical promotional outlet. Since then, Modesty has released and hosted many mix cd’s. The latest being, “KINGS FROM QUEENS” featuring all male rappers from Queens NY.

2. Killa Sha & Large Professor – FRONT LINE
4. Camilliano ft. Tru N Skee – LIVE BY THE CODE
5. Ramadan – I CAME TO A POINT
6. Foul Monday ft. Ruc Da Jakel – THE TRUTH
7. Imam Thug – SMASH THAT
8. Trez & Tragedy Khadafi – WISHING ON A STAR
9. Koron – RIDE 4 U
10. Lordroc ft. Comrad, Tone Corleone & L.O.S . – THIS IS THAT LIFE
11. Willie Stubz – THAT’S WHAT IT IS
12. Jak Danielz & Johnny Walker ft. Craig G & DJ JS 1 – HIP HOP MANUAL
13. Curt Digga ft. Killz Da Beast, MC Lotto & Frank Boy – THUGZ U LOVE
14. Misphit – QUEENS
15. Littles – BURY ME A G
16. Musik G, Glaze & Tone Rome – LET’S DO IT
17. Royal Flush – Stick You Up
18. Graph – BLOOD MONEY
19. Ruc Da Jackel – QB Y G
20. J.Man, Camilliano & KS – HARD BODY
21. K.Rime – CLAM
22. Mazaradi Fox ft. Prodigy – NO DRAMA
23. Nutrageous ft. Twin Gambino – FLUSHING TO QB
24. Infamous Mobb – CAPITAL Q


“Citizens Arrest Po Po” Eastern Philosophy Kamal Imani and Ras Isatu

Kamal Imani is a New Jersey based spoken word poet and positive conscious hip hop lyricist. With the predominant bombardment of negative music and imagery, Kamal provides a breath of fresh air to those craving music and poetry for the mind, body and soul. Excitiing live show and presentation! Veteran Performer! HBO The Wire Spoken Word Finalist American Idol Chart Topper-Spoken Word Category WBLS Poetry Finalist NJ’s Most Talented NJ Nets Game Presentation Vocalized Ink Radio Chart topper. Kamal also has his 2 cameo appearances in the film “Golddigger Killer” as well as his music.

New CD ‘The Mic Is Calling Me’