Lon6z – Complete | @Lon6z

Filmmaker and sound engineer drops his own unique
sound with new single ‘Complete’

DAYTON, OH – It’s cool for a guy to be vulnerable and share their own life experiences and talk about getting hurt. That’s what Ohio artist Lon6z says, anyway, and he’s hoping to pass that message on to other men through his groundbreaking new sound and style – a mishmash of new-school rap and old-school R&B that incorporates his own melodic vocals.

Born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, Lon6z started in the industry as a filmmaker – graduated from Bowling Green State University with a bachelor’s degree in film production and eventually transitioning into sound engineering. Working for other musicians and filmmakers over the years, he has developed a unique vocal sound – one that he has tapped into to create original music. His style utilizes a combination of rap, hip-hop and R&B that incorporates other genres such as reggae and pop. This unique sound is front and center on his new mixtape, “In MY Feelings,” as well as his follow-up single, “Complete.”

“My production is A1 and my style is unique because of my content,” he said. ‘But the real difference with my music is me stories and the content I put out. I get real vulnerable to God and to men, and there’s always a story about a female the majority of the time. What I really want to show other people is that I have no secrets. I have nothing to hide from the world. It’s cool for a guy to be vulnerable and share their own life experiences and talk about getting hurt and their way of hustling and getting money. No matter if your hustle is selling drugs or making music or making other people sound good – you can fall victim to getting your heart broken by a girl.”

“Complete” is a single that talks exactly about that. Lon6z is currently in the middle of shooting the music video for the song, and as a filmmaker he’s approaching the project with extreme detail – from storyboards for every shot to fine-tuned sound and editing. The concept is to make every shot in the video into a meme.

“I want to show that you can campaign with different types of memes,” he said. ‘I’m going to use funny people in the video, like Retro Spectro. But at the end of the day it’s a song about a female. A guy is trying to get with a girl who’s the sister of a friend. That’s the theme I’m going for. It’s upbeat and fun.”

Lon6z said he hopes people will appreciate the detail and expertise he brings to his music. With aspirations of being a premier sound engineer within the music industry, he has developed an ear to create top-quality production. He said that through his various trials and tribulations over the years, he has been able to create great vibes with emotional lyrics and a reality-based archive of music that he knows nearly anyone will be able to relate to.

“Everything that is created is not meant to be liked by everyone,” he said. “But everything that is created should hold a message of value.”

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Cvsh Ali – Lights (Prod. Donato) | @royalblacklife

Rapper with new perspective aims to trail-blaze a new
path in the hip-hop world

CHICAGO, IL – To get a peek inside the creative mind of Chicago-based rapper Cvsh Ali, all one has to do is look at the cover of his new album, “Nu Print.” The retro-forward design is reminiscent of the 1980s and clearly gets its inspiration from album work from artists such as Earth, Wind and Fire. But the cover also displays a bold-faced stare from the artist, almost daring the world to doubt him and pulling listeners in to what he has to say.

All of this is true of Cvsh Ali, who describes himself as an old-soul artist who’s coming into the world with a new vibe and a new way of thinking in the music industry. His name, Cvsh, is a nod to the original name of Africa and his homage to “the motherland.” Ali is a not-so-subtle reference to “the greatest athlete of all-time,” World Boxing Champion Muhammed Ali though.

“This album has a lot of lyrical content on it and it’s going to change the industry away from the music that gets pushed on the radio every day,” Cvsh Ali said. “I’m stepping out of the box with this one. The whole idea is being like a new wave of things. I’m bringing new things to the hip-hop game with a whole new way of thinking.”

Part of that presentation is a showcase of diversity for Cvsh Ali. He has a unique ability to switch things up from song to song, delivering vibe after vibe that can relate to a wide range of audiences. Combine that with his intentionally conscious lyricism rooted in experiences from all walks of life, and it’s easy to see how Cvsh Ali is someone who is ready to change the music landscape for years to come.

Trailblazing a path in hip-hop isn’t a new idea. Many other artists have done it, and Cvsh Ali points to many of them as his inspiration. Jay Z, Biggie, Nas and Lil Wayne are just a few of the artists he aspires to be like. Jay Z, in particular, is an artist he looks up to and hopes to immolate throughout his career.

“The way he moves in the business and the music he makes is timeless,” Cvsh Ali said. “I can listen to his early albums and they still feel like they came out yesterday. His stuff is always fresh and up with the times, will also having a message. The others I look up to because of their lyrical content, and they push me to want to be a better lyricist.” “Nu Print” dropped on March 9 and is available for download on all digital distribution sites. The debut single, “Lights,” also dropped a music video on March 9 and is available on Cvsh Ali’s YouTube page.

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Crestismuzik – Start A New Wave | @Crestismuzik

Chicago Rapper CrestIsMuzik Starts a “New
Wave” with Upcoming Music

LOS ANGELES, CA – He may be from the Windy City of Chicago, but this artist is making waves with his music. CrestIsMuzik started doing music when he was six years old, mostly because of his inspiration coming from his father. Growing up as one of five siblings, the artist would often imitate Michael Jackson, in which he often took the lead in vocals. No matter what, he continued to find himself recording his own music, and loved listening to his own range develop.

Soon enough, CrestIsMuzik began writing his own lyrics all throughout his middle and high school years. “My teachers would let me perform for the class. I would bang on the desks in front of the class to form beats, and my classmates just loved it all. At this point, I knew I wanted to perform in front of people in the future,” said the artist. He never stopped making his own harmonies and beats, which was no surprise when the people around him constantly asked him to perform with them. Rap music began to be at the forefront of his mind, and he knew he possessed the talent to grow something out of his passion.

One of CrestIsMuzik’s proudest accomplishments to date is his first studio session in Indiana, where he recorded his first song. “I can’t even describe how happy I was to hear myself. Everyday, I was dropping my own songs. Pretty soon, my single ‘Too Many Hoes’ started making its rounds on the radio. In fact, the song rotated on Power 92 for four whole months,” said CrestIsMuzik. After seeing the success flood in so quickly, CrestIsMuzik created his first mixtape called “Something Different” with his cousin. When asked about the inspiration behind the project, he put it to us simply: he is just different. He’s not your typical artist; he has his own signature style that makes him who he is.

Right now, CrestIsMuzik is focused on continuing to build his ever-growing audience and fan base. Everyone who listens to the artist’s music is left wanting more, and CrestIsMuzik has made it his mission to never stop bringing more music to the table. “I’m fixing to blow the game up. I’m not just tooting my own horn. I don’t have stuff that people are used to. I know it’s gonna go crazy- I know this for a fact,” said CrestIsMuzik. Social media connects the whole world, and the artist plans to use this to his advantage. The sky is definitely the limit for this talented artist.

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Chief Ceo – More Of This | @Realchiefceo

Chief CEO Makes His Debut with Hot New
Single “More of This”

LOS ANGELES, CA – Lee Calhoun is two things: a CEO and the head chief in charge. In combining these two worlds, he created his stage name: Chief CEO. It all started during his time in school, where he spent a lot of his time writing poetry. Initially, the artist seldom thought about writing his own music, as he was more so concerned with creating a brand that truly represented him. His mission was to do something that no one else was currently doing, so he began writing commercials for radio. It was no surprise that his natural talent shown through so heavily to the point where people called the radio station inquiring about him.

It wasn’t long until people started encouraging Chief CEO to actually take music seriously. From here, the artist committed to writing his own, original songs. “I was turned off by the hip-hop music on the radio. For me, it just lost its luster. I don’t typically give in to any negative stereotypes that today’s hip- hop has. So, I created my own niche to provide a different alternative for what’s currently out there. I wanted to provide something different that could transcend what’s out there now and reach more people,” said the artist. His overall goal is to make people smile, especially when it comes to his female listeners. A father himself, Chief CEO places a huge emphasis on treating his daughter exceptionally well, and wants this level of admiration reflected in his own lyrics. In the artist’s own words, he believes “women are beautiful creations, and should be treated with the utmost respect”.

Chief CEO is excited to bring his new hit single “More of This” to the forefront of the industry. The song introduces a cool RnB feel mixed with his signature spin on hip-hop. “I decided to make something that was different,” said Chief CEO. “Overall, I had to spice it up a little bit. I just want people to listen to this love song and feel good on the inside.” The artist definitely accomplished his goal, as you can’t help but feel positivity and high energy when listening to the song.

If he wasn’t busy enough, the artist plans on releasing another single called “So Amazing”. He assures us that the ladies will love it because the song is told from a woman’s perspective. Of course, his unique voice will be on full display, as his music encompasses the full gamut of his range. As he continues to work tirelessly on developing his craft, he stays true to himself and produces some of the best quality work that’s out there.

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Bishop Lawrence Hancock – I’m Free | @BishopLLH


Toledo, OH – Lawrence Hancock, has emerged as one of the premiere artists/songwriter/producers in the U.S. notably on his Digital Radio Tracker Top 50 Gospel/Christian Chart #1 Song, “You Prosper Me, featured on the LP entitled, Live Again that debuted at No. 21 on the Billboard Gospel Album Sales Chart. The Album reentered at No. 21 on the Billboard Gospel Album Sales Chart two weeks later. Chasing the November 2016 Release, is Hancock’s latest project, I’m Free!

Lawrence has compiled a 10-track album that is loaded with variety utilizing Gospel, Retro-Soul, and Hip-Hop themes. His hit singles, “I’m Still Here” and “I’m Free,” are effectively impacting global radio. The Quartet feeling “Touch Me Again,” featuring Nikki D & Gloria Brown, is on deck as the next Single with early radio reviews generating enthusiasm. Teaming up with BET’s 106 & Park Freestyle Rap Champion B. Wills on “Incredible” and arguably the most effective Christian Hip-Hop Song to usher corporate worship “Perfect Timing, Hancock demonstrates his composition and producer skills that will impact Millennials. Bishop didn’t forget about Sunday Morning on the hand clapping/head bobbing “Can’t Live,” a Choir Director’s dream. Along the way, this album gives listeners stops in several styles of Urban Christian Music making it truly a musical journey.

“When people put on this album, I want them to go from 1-10, and say I need to hear that again, Hancock says. “I want them to hear the music and know it’s it about what sounds good or what you can hum to, but know the music came from my relationship with God and my experiences now that I’m Free.”

Bishop Lawrence Hancock, from the shadows of Detroit, MI is one who is a Servant-Leader in Toledo, Ohio who utilizes his gifts and talents refined at the DePaul University (Chicago, IL) and Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA) as the senior leader of the Final Harvest Church. God trusts Hancock to balance being a Pastor and an Artist…he knows which comes first…through life’s challenges…declaring to be free indeed!

I’m Free is available for Download on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play and other Digital Outlets on March 30, 2018! All Digital Download proceeds will be granted to the Final Harvest Church Building Fund! The project will also be available on Tidal, iHeart Radio, and Spotify. Connect with Bishop Lawrence Hancock at www.artiistecard.com/BishopHancock for engagements, music, news, and social media.


Bishop Lawrence Hancock
419-297- 0834